• Works with copper lines or Voice Over IP telephone connections.

  • Your telephone rings only for allowed calls.

  • Unknown callers can go direct to voicemail, telemarketers are JAMMED (blocked).

  • Blocks more than 1,600,000 known telemarketer numbers.

  • 80% of telemarketers are recognized and blocked without additional rules.*

  • Spoofed numbers with your same area code / exchange can be sent to voicemail.

  • If you mark a number as a telemarketer, it is also blocked for other SJ users.

  • Your telephone Caller ID display can receive actual names rather than WIRELESS CALLER.

  • Unlimited caller rules.

  • Standard rules to block entire regions such as Jamaica, or Florida.

  • Remote configuration and monitoring.

  • Ideal for keeping Seniors safe from con artists.
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* In a recent test of 2,000 real calls placed to four units. Your results may vary.