• Works with both land lines and VoIP providers.

  • With Scammer Jammerís enhanced caller Id, your telephone displays real names rather than just Wireless Caller.

  • Standard rules block entire regions such as a state or a country.

  • Marking a telephone number as a telemarketer, marks it for all SJ users.

  • Unlimited rules.

  • Remote configuration and monitoring.

  • Unknown non-telemarketer callers can ring through during the day and go to voice mail in the evening.
  • Known callers are allowed to ring through. Unknown callers go to voice mail. Telemarketers are blocked. Your telephone rings only for those calls you want.

  • Blocks more than 4 million telemarketers with new numbers being added daily.

  • 80% of telemarketers are blocked with no additional setup by the user. *

  • Spoofed local number calls can easily be sent straight to voice mail.

  • Ideal for keeping at risk persons safe from scams such as the IRS scam and the Microsoft Technical Support scam.